Newark Food trucks Manufacture.

It was created by the corporation (Newark Catering Manufacture Corp.)

which gave life to the company that was in charge of designing and building your food unit.

If you have noticed the name of the corporation is related to the manufacture of food that means that before building lunch boxes, we first think like you to sell and prepare food,

This process made us understand how a kitchen works and find the most efficient ways and designs to help you work easily. We are confident we can build a kitchen that fits all your necessities and that will be built accordingly with the requirements needed to pass inspections.

We will build your kitchen as appropriate as possible to pass inspection and to your needs and budget.

All our jobs are unique and personalized, we also have models available such as

(Start Cooking mini 8', Start Cooking10', Start Kitchen12')

Our experience will offer you efficient designs since we use AutoCAD to have a greater perspective of what you need with real measurements, achieving the best designs from the first day you visit us, thus guaranteeing that you will not have any problem when it comes to passing your permits.


If you are planning to start your mobile food business.

You can trust Newark Food Trucks. We offer the following products that are designed based on your needs and budget, giving all types of people the opportunity to make their dreams come true, whether they are small or large projects, there are no limits to the imagination, we will help you make that dream come true.

  • FOOD TRAILERS ​                         






During the last years we have focused on providing our clients with high quality stainless steel kitchens, but now after 2021 we are committed to covering any type of budget from our clients, the changes in the industry after the pandemic. and the rise in metal prices is leaving out many entrepreneurs due to the high costs of stainless steel, this is in the kitchen.

One of the reasons Newark Food Trucks Manufacture rethinks adapting to designing and building different types of kitchens:


Kitchen Stainless Steel (Price = High Category = Premium / Warranty-3 years)

Kitchen Withe Aluminum (Price = Moderate category -standard / Warranty-2 years)

Kitchen FRP Fiber Glass (Price = Low Category-economy / Warranty-1 year limited)